Hidden Fire Hazards

The side of a house with gray wood siding. We see a metal part that once held a chimney. The top of the part and some of the siding show fire damage and smoke discoloration. Through the circular hole that the chimney used to pass through, we see into the home and see a beige upholstered chair with white and blue plaid pillows on it.

This is an example of a fireplace that had been installed many years ago. There is a tendency to think that since it has been installed for so long and no issue has been noticed, that there will never be a problem, or there has not been a problem. However, fires can start without noticing until the damage has already occurred. Fires resulting from fireplaces can occur from incorrect installation or combustible materials, such as mantles not meeting clearance requirements. This is why it is important to have a NFI (National Fireplace Institute) professional inspect and service your fireplace every year.