Why do we only install OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts?

We only install OEM equipment because of our commitment to high standards. We inspected a fireplace where the customer had reported the home filling up with smoke when using his fireplace. Upon further inspection it was determined that the coil in the blower motor had melted. This part was an aftermarket part-non OEM.

Aftermarket parts have not been tested and certified by the manufacturer. They may not have been tested for high heat, or last as long as OEM parts.

One common part that is added to fireplaces is a blower. The only way to ensure you get the appropriate blower is from ordering it from the manufacturer of that specific fireplace or from a company that orders their parts from the manufacturer. Many fireplace manufacturers will only sell to their distributors and not to the public.

There are some reliable companies who sell blowers and blower kits that have been tested to or exceeded the manufacturers blowers specifications. We have seen more blowers that are substandard than not. Many of these companies use the exact same part number that the manufacturer company uses. One company even copied the insulation instructions from the manufacturer.

At Fireplace Services Denver Flame, we are committed to provide the highest quality service by only using OEM parts.