• Are you a home buyer planning to purchase a home that has a gas fireplace?
  • Are you selling your home?
  • Would you like the reassurance that the fireplace was inspected by an expert with specialized training?

A Level 2 Inspection by a Certified Fireplace Inspector will give you specific information about the fireplace and is required by the National Fire Protection Association Code when a property is sold.

What is a Level 2 Inspection?

Generally speaking, it is an inspection to see if the fireplace is going to do the following:

  • Leak carbon monoxide and natural combustible gas
  • Burn your house down
  • Electrocute you

Our founder and senior technician Buck Marsters has been certified by Fireplace Investigation Research and Education Services (F.I.R.E.) to perform the Level 2 Inspection and can provide certification letters to homeowners.

NOTE: The inspection does not guarantee that the fireplace will be certified.

This article provides a number of tips on creating a safe fireplace that fits your home’s decor, including inspection procedures, proper materials, and decorating tips:
Tips to Design and Inspect a Safe, Stylish Fireplace and Mantelpiece