• Are you a home buyer planning to purchase a home that has a gas fireplace?
  • Are you selling your home?
  • Would you like the reassurance that the fireplace was inspected by an expert with special training?

A Level 2 Inspection by a Certified Fireplace Inspector is the best way to make sure cozy calm doesn’t turn into expensive aggravation. Replacing a gas fireplace system can cost $5,000 or more and be an unpleasant surprise for a homeowner who saw that fireplace as a great feature when they bought the house.

Our founder and senior technician Buck Marsters has been certified by Fireplace Investigation Research and Education Services (F.I.R.E.) to perform the Level 2 Inspection and can provide certification letters to homeowners, realtors, property managers, and home inspectors.

A completed Level 2 Inspection gives the seller an additional selling point and gives the buyer peace of mind. It’s also required by National Fire Protection Association code when property is sold or transferred.

The Inspection Will Check

  • All readily accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the chimney, structure and flue
  • The flue size and suitability
  • Potential obstructions or combustible deposits in the flue
  • The installation of the unit and all accessible connections
  • Proper clearances from combustibles in all areas that are accessible
  • All accessible areas adjacent to the chimney and unit, including attics, crawlspaces and basements
  • Video scanning of the venting system when appropriate

Once the inspection is complete, you can elect to have us perform the annual maintenance and any needed repairs performed at a reasonable cost.