Just like your car or your home’s furnace, your gas fireplace needs regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it running efficiently and safely. Did you know most gas fireplace manufacturers recommend that their products be installed and serviced by a National Fireplace Institute certified technician? An NFI rating shows that your fireplace technician has the best training available.

Brands We Service

We service the following brands and types of fireplaces and outdoor fire pits:

Town & Country Luxury FireplacesLopi Stoves
Regency Fireplace ProductsJotul Stoves and Fireplaces
Montigo FireplacesLennox Fireplaces
Napoleon FireplacesHeat & Glo Fireplaces
Majestic ProductsHeatilator Fireplaces
Mendota Luxury Fireplaces

And others!

What We Service

Gas Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts can update or replace a traditional masonry fireplace with modern style while giving you the reliability and easy starting of a gas system.

Gas Log Sets

Log sets give you the beauty of a traditional fire with the convenience and lower cost of a gas fireplace. And no more going out in the cold to get wood or mess from bringing it in!

Gas Firepits

Gas firepits can be the center of relaxing moments in the outdoors that create lasting memories for the whole family, but they need special attention to work safely and at peak efficiency.

Freestanding Fireplaces

A freestanding gas fireplace can give your home a unique look and comforting warmth.

Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

A zero clearance gas fireplace is designed so it can be placed in contact with combustible materials such as paneling. This means you can place it in a smaller opening, but makes keeping up on maintenance even more important.

Please note that we do not service or repair ventless fireplace systems.

Annual Maintenance

Did you know every gas fireplace manufacturer recommends annual maintenance? It keeps the unit working at peak efficiency and will detect dangerous conditions such as gas leaks or improper venting. Even a good cleaning makes your fireplace safer and more efficient.

During an annual maintenance service call, we will:

  • Perform a thorough safety inspection
  • Clean the fireplace components
  • Clean the glass with a specialized cleaner
  • Use test equipment to take readings and adjust the system to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Perform any maintenance that’s specific to your make and model

In these before and after photos, you can see the difference an annual maintenance call can make.

Before the Service

Dust can interfere with the proper operation of your gas fireplace, so make sure you schedule a fireplace inspection and service annually.

Dust can collect on or around the components and cause a fire hazard or prevent the fireplace from functioning properly. If the glass isn’t cleaned often enough, mineral deposits and soot created during burning can be permanently etched into the glass.

After the Service

This gas fireplace unit looks and functions beautifully after proper annual maintenance. Make sure this type of fireplace inspection and service is performed on yours.

This is the same fireplace after the annual maintenance service was performed. The glass is spotless and crystal clear. The components are cleaned and adjusted, and the fireplace has been tested for leaks of carbon monoxide and other deadly gasses. Please note that exact results may vary depending on the frequency and servicing.

Want a service call to ensure your gas fireplace delivers great performance and looks beautiful?

Schedule a Maintenance Service

Repair Service

If your gas fireplace is malfunctioning, we can provide quick, expert service. Call 303-359-8200, or use our schedule page to let us know a time that works well for you. During our repair call, we can also perform the annual maintenance on your fireplace if you wish.

Level 2 Fireplace Inspection

We also perform Level 2 Inspections of gas fireplaces and their venting/chimney systems. This inspection is perfect for those buying or selling a home who want to know the true condition of their gas fireplace.

  • Thorough examination of the entire fireplace and chimney system
  • Avoids expensive repairs and replacements
  • Required by code
  • Certification documents provided
  • We can immediately solve any issues that are discovered (at a reasonable cost)
  • Peace of mind for home sellers, buyers, realtors